The Reading Site is a new and exciting way of downloading unlimited free eBooks for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook and basically any eReader device out there. I recently bought myself an iPad and after an initial play around I got a bit bored! This was due to the lack of content on my iPad.

But combining my iPad with The Reading Site I now have unlimited content to upload onto my iPad and things are looking up! I would recommend The Reading Site to anyone out there who as a Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, Sony Reader, Nook or any other eReader device.

At The Reading Site I just paid a small membership fee and then I was given instant access to the members area to download as much free content as I desired! At first, however, I got a bit lost as the catalog is so huge it took me a bit of time to navigate my way around the network. It is much easier if you have specific eBook titles in mind and then you can just type them into the search box and the eBook you require will pop up on your screen.

Anyone with an eReader such as the iPad, iPhone, Nook, Sony, Kindle etc. can literally create their own library with the content on The Reading Site. Even if you just have a PC or MAC, you can download the eBooks in PDF format.

Click Here For Instant Access To The Reading SiteWhen I was having a brwose around the members area I was pleasantly surprised to see some added bonuses had been thrown in as part of the deal. Now, these bonuses are not the reason for paying for The Reading Site, but new were a nice little suprise none the less!

As well as unlimited free eBooks, you can also download comic books, newspapers, wallpapers, apps and games directly to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android or Nook.

After about a week or so I was starting to become quite excited! Within my first week I downloaded a few bestselling novels and also a few random novels by new authors just to broaden my horizons! Also, randomly one day I was waiting around for a late train so I decided to whip out my iPad and read the latest copy of the UK's OK magazine! Was quite fun, actually.

The main titles that popped up as I was having a browse were The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling. Although these books are not to my taste I noticed they had big bestselling novels like these as part of there listings so it does look quite impressive.

They could probably be a bit quicker by uploading new releases to The Reading Site a bit quicker, but if you a patient you will eventually get free access to new novels they upload as part of your lifetime membership.I have not download an eBook with Apple or Amazon since joining The Reading Site. Why pay $10 per eBook for you iPad, iPhone, Kindle or Nook needs when you can download them all for free?

Click Here For Instant Access To The Reading Site

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