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Rookie Android Apps Data

On June 21, 2011 By

It's fun and I guess a good deal of other men and women consider so as very well.


Ninjas Are livingJust like the previous three video games on this record, it's a further significant multiplayer on the internet video game. You do battle with other ninjas live to advance oneself. It's pleasurable [...]

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iPhone Advertising Solution

On June 19, 2011 By

What makes the iPhone so interesting to marketers? The answer is platform, people and prolificacy. The proliferation of 3G networks and emergence of open mobile platforms like iPhone and Android have largely driven the creation of 3rd party applications. Consumers are enjoying new levels of web-based social media and gaming experience using mobile devices. iPhone [...]

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Mobile Cubix: Mobile Application Development Website Launched

April 1975 – Microsoft came in to existence under Bill Gates.April 1976 – Apple came into existence under Steve Jobs.

Since then, the world was never to be the same. In these last 30+ years, the human mind has seen the world getting by storm with [...]

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HTML4, which is the standard that has guided web browser implementation for over a decade, is being replaced with HTML5. HTML4, together with JavaScript and CSS 2, made up the three foundation pillars that have defined websites for the last 10 years.In 2011 it is now the time to start looking at replacing HTML4 with [...]

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Google's Android operating system has taken the world of mobile application development by storm, for quite some time now. Granted, there are still less number of apps available for the platform compared to the other platforms like iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian but this is for sure that Google's Android has already started spreading its tendrils [...]

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Jobs in the face of stubborn arrogance, Adobe and then a strong willingness to cooperate is but a cloud.

October 25, the U.S. computer software company Adobe Developer Conference in held AdobeMAX posted Air2.5 (cross-operating system runtime library). For Adobe, this is a landmark product, it marks the expansion of the tentacles of Adobe [...]

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After its introduction in the consumer market, Apple iPhone has taken the world by storm. Another strong contender in the field of smartphones was soon introduced, that goes by the name Android. The only phone that can match up to the features of iPhone, is probably the one that uses an Android platform. There are [...]

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With the demand of smart phones like iPhones and Google's android, the demand for mobile apps development has grown manifolds. The interface of iPhone/Android application development is ground breaking. Today, many computer manufacturers have adopted the same interactive technology for handheld Pc's and laptops.

As per a latest estimate, the sales of iPhones have [...]

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My Four Kids

A "father's" perspective on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, and BlackBerry


I'm the CIO at Amadeus Consulting, a custom software development company based in Boulder, Colorado. I'm fortunate because I get to work daily with my four adopted children: BlackBerry®, iPhone™, Android™ and Windows® Phone 7. Of course [...]

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