Mobile Cubix: Mobile Application Development Website Launched

April 1975 – Microsoft came in to existence under Bill Gates.April 1976 – Apple came into existence under Steve Jobs.

Since then, the world was never to be the same. In these last 30+ years, the human mind has seen the world getting by storm with the emergence of revolutionary inventions in technology field. Every decade has been enriched with innovative creations and revelations; Apple I, Macintosh, Windows, Vista and recently – iPhone and Windows Mobile have all played the big part in changing our lives. The world saw the emergence of Social Networking as well which would be considered as the greatest milestone achieved in the world of internet. The emergence of this particular phenomenon made this world compact and helped in labeling it as ‘Global Village' to the greater extent.

"Mobile Cubix will start playing small fraction of part in these developments," said Mark Udoka, CEO at Mobile Cubix at the Launch Ceremony of Mobile Cubix. "The main focus will be to develop applications on every mobile handheld platform; be it iPhone, Android, Windows mobile, BlackBerry or simply Symbian and Java enabled phones including mobile website design."

And thus, March 2010 – Mobile Cubix comes in to existence under U Mark Uzoka.

Their claim of being a cohesive unit in mobile application development platform and further providing a helping hand to the organizations for solving the complexity of delivering the mobile internet to thousands of unique devices is like making a bold statement of their presence already.

Not only they are providing designing solutions but also they are covering analytics and reporting including mobile advertising – making Mobile Cubix all-rounder in mobile application development field. They have handful expertise in development field mainly experienced iPhone Application Developers and Android Application Developers.

Additional in-depth information about their services can be read here.

The professional iPhone and Mobile Application Development Company provides you total Mobile Applications solution including mobile advertising for small and large companies with satisfaction guaranteed.

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