Jobs in the face of stubborn arrogance, Adobe and then a strong willingness to cooperate is but a cloud.

October 25, the U.S. computer software company Adobe Developer Conference in held AdobeMAX posted Air2.5 (cross-operating system runtime library). For Adobe, this is a landmark product, it marks the expansion of the tentacles of Adobe will be formally extended to the desktop from the PC system, Mobile Intelligent Android platform.

Developers in AdobeMAX 4 days before the conference, a new generation of Apple's latest notebooks are still products MacbookAir refused to carry on the Adobe Flash plug-in. This is following the iPhone and iPad, Apple has once again shut out without any accommodation to the Adobe.

Since April this year, Apple and Adobe After the friction face of Apple CEO Steve Jobs Repeated Boqingguayi move, Adobe seems completely given up on Apple, started to focus on Google's Android platform. Google and Apple present in the smart phone operating system and browser areas such as mutual enemies.

It is understood, Flash in the browser platform with up to 99% penetration rate.With the popularity of smart phones, Adobe wants Flash branched out to mobile devices increasingly strong field of ideas, no commitment to Apple has run into this "stone."

"Apple's business model and technology for other reasons, refuse to Adobe has a rare", the industry has become accustomed to Apple's move. However, Adobe does not think so, Apple has given the repeated rejection Adobe angry.

IPhone Android disposable vote

Apple left out, not only did not stop on the Adobe mobile field force, and instead forced the latter to put more weight on the Android platform.

In this developer conference, Adobe provides Android operating system and the upcoming BlackBerry TableOS good operating system support, "run the Android operating system for all smart phones, tablet PCs and tablet PCs GoogleTV and BlackBerry are able to perfectly Run AdobeAir ", Adobe said at the press conference.

Adobe is the world's most famous multi-media software company's revenue in fiscal 2009 was 2.95 billion, Adobe's president and CEO Hill Thanou Narayan told the media that "Adobe's goal is to reach 2012 annual income of 5.0 billion ", which means that Adobe must step up the pace of expansion.

According to statistics, released earlier this year Flash10.1 Android version has been downloaded 200 million times, Adobe hopes its future will be in the Android phones pre-installed. Not long ago, Adobe introduced the PDF viewer ReaderX to add on Android, WindowsPhone7 and compatible with BlackBerry flat, "developers need not worry at all platform applications layout and display problem, Adobe have been solved for you." The company said so.

Hill Thanou Narayan, especially in the mobile platform Android frequently force, on the one hand is the future value the tremendous development potential mobile platform, on the other hand, Apple seems unfair treatment of a retaliation. Currently, Adobe has been with Samsung, HTC, Motorola and RIM and other companies have established good relations of cooperation. AdobeAir based applications developed on any platform to support the Air, run devices, including personal computers, mobile phones, flat panel, and Google TV – of course, except for Apple products.

Starting from the first generation iPhone release, Apple has refused to provide support for the Flash player, since implementing this policy. However, the grudge between the two is seen as an opportunity for another tycoon. It is also Apple's "enemies" one.

According to "The New York Times" reported that not long ago, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Hill Thanou Narayan secret meeting, two topics for discussion with the joint fight against the common enemy of both Apple, whereas the one of the options is Microsoft's acquisition of Adobe. The news came out, Adobe stock price rose more than 10%.

Adobe creative software market in quite good record, covering the high-end and low end, Microsoft can bring a different customer base. Therefore, Microsoft has the power to make the acquisition of Adobe in these areas to compete with Apple. In fact, the printing of a few years ago there was news that Microsoft intends to acquire Adobe, the fear of being anti-monopoly investigation was dropped.


Adobe has always been passionately devoted to Apple, has repeatedly said its good, but Apple has always been Adobe's Flash "bloated, slow, multi-vulnerability" as an excuse it away.

February 2009, Hill Thanou Narayan World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland meeting was happily said they iPhoneFlash animation plug-in R & D at the same time, Apple has begun, and work together. There were rumors that a few months after the iPhone to third-party applications may be accepted in the form of Flash.

Adobe products eventually missed the iPhone. However, Narayan did not give up hope, in the Apple iPad tablet before the release, Adobe whom the company moving up and down, hoping to build can be iPhone, iPodtouch and iPad applications that run on Flash.MichaelChou Adobe product manager, said the release of Apple iPad in terms of the software designer is a very exciting thing, Adobe expects Apple to create innovative new device applications.

Jobs stubborn relentless again rejected on the iPad Flash. Not only that, Apple also changed in April of this year's iPhone operating system for third-party developers agreement, completely cut off the possibility of Flash into the iPhone, Adobe is planning to let the curve into the iPhone, iPad efforts to naught.

Product manager for Adobe's Flash platform Ludwig (AdrianLudwig) followed angrily said, "Apple continued to set the device heavily regulated, limiting the publishers and consumers." He pointed out that there is no Flash in the iPad will not be able to access the network 70% of the game with 75% of the video content.

Cut out for Flash and Flash conversion program from Apple is nothing more than the reasons given is that they will reduce the performance of their products. "Apple does not use Flash because it is too problematic, Mac when the machine is often caused because of Flash. No one will use Flash." An Apple said. Although most of the examples show that Apple has said is true, to the trouble of Flash animation capabilities into mobile phones in general, is indeed technically a problem, but Adobe, throughout all this unremitting improvements, and Apple on this turn a blind eye.

Steve Jobs said in March last year, PC version of the Flash in the iPhone to run very slow, and Compact Flash and can not bring full Web experience. "The real obstacle is the Flash itself, Flash footprint seriously, iPhone's memory and the processor enough to handle."

"This is a difficult technical challenge, due in part caused by the situation at Apple, Adobe is very cooperative." Narayan is that in order to be able to run in the iPhone Flash, Adobe requires Apple's cooperation.

"Ultimately, both personal computer and software companies the problem is between the business model of contradictions", the domestic staff of a software company "IT Times," explained Apple's iPhone, iTunes store is very successful, but if the iPhone or iPad able to run Flash, software developers will be able to self-selling software directly to consumers, thus breaking the Apple store sales model.

"Whether or sales installation, Flash's accession to break Apple's control will be," It seems that the struggle between the two companies will be for a long time.

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