What makes the iPhone so interesting to marketers? The answer is platform, people and prolificacy. The proliferation of 3G networks and emergence of open mobile platforms like iPhone and Android have largely driven the creation of 3rd party applications. Consumers are enjoying new levels of web-based social media and gaming experience using mobile devices. iPhone advertising solutions enable advertisers to distribute rich video and streaming media ads to iPhone users. This paradigm shift from traditional advertising methods is the key differentiator for iPhone advertising solutions.

The mantra in iPhone advertising today is 'innovation without risk.' iPhone advertising solution providers provide application developers with a comprehensive inventory of brand advertisements and the ability to customize their own ad campaigns. iPhone advertising encompasses pre-app videos, logo replacement, banner ads and more.

The videos that run while an application loads can allow the user to visit a web page, watch a second video and place a call, all at the same time, making the advertisement more interactive. This has opened up opportunities for effective brand building exercises and greater ROI potential.

iPhone Advertising Solution: Trends

The future of iPhone advertising solutions lie in augmented reality based advertising solutions. Brightkite, a social media networking solutions provider for iPhone and Android, has rolled out an advertising solution that will enable them to view and browse stores and special offers and buy various products, all in real time. Using the phone's camera and the GPS service, the phone can sense what the user is pointing at and it will return relevant data for a particular place such as reviews and virtual signposts. This new platform will build relationships with various businesses and thereby lead to an increase in sales. Combining localization, mobility and augmented reality, this media campaign will be the future differentiator in developed markets. Since this platform requires extensive infrastructure, it will be some time before it is rolled out in emerging markets.

Geo-fencing is another trend which will dominate the iPhone advertising solutions spectrum in the future. Geo-fencing creates a virtual field around any location and triggers a mobile marketing campaign aimed at any users entering or exiting a particular geographical area. Retailers can take advantage of this trend and create personalized messages for any event or create blanket messages for a particular product launch.

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