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If you have an iphone, android, or ipod touch then download shopkick for free and use my promo code:raspberry1864. AND download checkpoints for free and use my bonus code:afloomajig. Thanks! The first one to do this and answer this question gets BEST ANSWER(10pts.)
I want you to do this because we both get points [...]

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Great payouts! Fully functional ebook app worth thousands of dollars. Complete source code. Native support for both iPhone and iPad. Allows publishers to easily add content and customize the graphics. The hottest market today!
Source code - iPhone iPad ebook app

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As a mobile app development company, we help companies and entrepreneurs create a wide variety of Smartphone apps. One question we are often asked is about cross platform development, or porting an app from one platform to another platform.

The term "porting" refers to the portability of software from one platform to another, or [...]

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