I was hesitant about purchasing this smart phone because I was never a fan of Blackberry's (RIMM). I had a BB during their initial boom in the early part of the new millennium. However, the poor browser, poor cell phone network, lackluster screen color, non desirable keyboard, awful battery life, whack OS, & lack of T9 predictive text just couldn't win me over.

After I realized that I couldn't text on a touch screen phone, unless it was the iPhone. I decided that I must have a cell phone device with an actual qwerty keyboard, if I expect to survive my text message & email addiction. I picked up the Blackberry 9700 with my corporate discount and walked away with a nice high end phone at a very reasonable price. I have to say that I really enjoy the web browser on the new BB. You can zoom in & out with ease. I thought no browser could compare to the iPod Safari besides the Android G1, but after getting this device - I can safely say that this browser is also one of the best. Its right behind the safari and G1. Prior models were confined to small screens, thirty-five dollar internet only data plans, and no ability to zoom in or out. You were subjected to a small screen and reading small text till your eyes was squinting like grandmas.

Pros: 3G (FINALLY! AT LAST!) New Optical Trackpad (Over the old Trackball) Big vibrant screen 3.5 MM headjack New OS Decent call quality (No issues yet) Excellent new broswer Mini SD up to 16GB (Wish it was 32GB) Use your songs as ringers Wi-Fi Personal Email (Up to 10 accounts can be added) IM Themes Applications (Coming on April 1st) My Favs Full HTML Web Browser (Sometimes) Excellent Multimedia Player (Accepts every format possible) Includes 2 chargers (Wall Charger & USB charger) Includes ear phones and carry case Cons: For long time BB users, this device is really just a cosmetic upgrade with a new OS (Flashier Icons) Micro USB (No more Mini USB) Video & Camera (2.0 Megapixel as oppose to 5.0) Cheap plastic rubber casing Non RIMM Consumer Changes Mind! For anyone who has wanted a BB but held off on getting one and want an entry level Blackberry at a decent price - this is the model to get. Everything about it is an upgrade. The device is basically the BB Bold with a different casing. The battery life could still use some more juice. With excessive email checking & non stop texting, the phone usually needs a charge after a day and a half of usage (Sometimes i can go a charge for 2 days before a charge so thats not bad). I did set the brightness of the phone to the lowest brightness available and it has lasted for a little over 2 days with no charge needed. Even on the lowest brightness, the screen is still very bright, sharp, & crisp. And i still do unlimited texting & web browsing. However, AT&T doesn't offer the best mobile minute plans on earth & their data plan is probably one of themost expensive around. They are fully aware that their signal is one of the best & in doing so, make up for it by charging their non-friendly services at non-friendly prices, which usually doesn't offers an abundant amount of minutes, unlimited data, internet, email, text etc will end up costing you a lot! I pay under seventy bucks a month for a decent amount of mins & unlimited everything else. My friend has a similar plan on Verizon, its not unlimited, and her bill is always over a hundred each month.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Phone

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