LAS VEGAS, NV – December 20, 2010 – ICanLocalize™, an innovative global provider of localization solutions, announces a translation management dashboard for mobile applications, including the Apple® iPhone and Google® Android. ICanLocalize lets you bid out smaller translation jobs, typical of mobile apps, most cost-effectively. Reach a global audience by localizing mobile applications via the dashboard through the many certified translators and translation firms.

"Gowalla is about exploring the world around you. As such, we are passionate about opening this experience to users across the globe. Our first priority was to localize our iPhone, iPad, and Android clients for our major international markets. ICanLocalize made it really simple to scale this process to 3 clients and 6 languages. We were impressed by the level of professionalism and attention to detail of the localizers we worked with. As we expand into new platforms and markets, we will continue to use ICanLocalize to ensure truly world-class results," said Matt Thompson of Gowalla.

ICanLocalize's Software localization system easily translates mobile apps into any number of languages. This involves uploading the resource files, selecting certified translators and downloading the translated resource files. An app is translated along with its the app-store description. Payment is per-word, without any setup costs.

"Localization of a mobile app is a big challenge because of the large amount of small text," said Amir Helzer, CEO of ICanLocalize. "Our system connects developers with translators and implements a complete translation workflow that delivers top-notch translations without project management fees."

Text in mobile apps can easily go out of context and be misinterpreted. To address this, ICanLocalize developed a comprehensive translation process that includes:

Software developers set-up their own translation projects and manage them in ICanLocalize. They choose translators according to fields of expertise and background from the vast number of ICanLocalize translators. Clients can even upload existing translations and get review and proofreading from translators in ICanLocalize.

Most of ICanLocalize's iPhone and Android localization clients are mobile development houses, which create many mobile applications. The translation memoryfeature, built into the system makes translation fast and economical. Previously translated text is automatically completed and clients pay only for new or updated ones.

For more information, visit the ICanLocalize website for tutorials on the Android Localization and the iPhone Applications Localization Guide.


ICanLocalize develops software products and Web services that localize websites and applications, adapting these to local languages, scripts, and cultures. These offerings lower the cost and complexity of localization (i10n) and internationalization (i18n) activity for organizations.

The firm offers WPML, the WordPress multilingual plugin and the Drupal Translation Management module. These streamline the language translation workflow, with tools and services that manage translators and translation tasks.

Enterprise-level localization enablement from ICanLocalize speeds the creation and maintenance of multilingual websites and software. Find ICanLocalize on the web at

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