Casmul provides a simple self-service SDK to add real-time multiplayer and social features to iPhone, Android and Flash games. For gaming comapnies and games aggregators Casmul offers Social Gaming Network Solution that allows to connect many games together and facilitate content cross-promotion. Casmul also provides professional low-cost game development and gaming network operations services.

Unlike other companies offering social extensions, we do not try to build our own network. Rather we give you a platform and tools to build and grow your own network of games and apps. All your games will be connected and players can see their friends activity across your network. You get your Featured Page and viral distribution engine.

Casmul develops a platform for building and operating multiplayer-social games and gaming networks on iPhone & Android phones.

We help game developers to convert single-player games into Synchronous Multiplayer games with the Casmul unique (patent-pending) solution. We help to build any type of Multiplayer Games using full featured Casmul MP-Social platform.

We help Game Aggregators to establish their presence on smartphones. Casmul provides the full gaming portal automation suite that facilitates an intelligent selection of new games and their seamless integration into the portal, as well as precise targeting and promotion of the new entertainment content. It has never been easier to run and build your own gaming portal containing many multiplayer-social games.

Casmul Platform is developed by professional game developers with 100+ years of cumulative experience, and dozens of world class games released on Windows, Xbox Live, Java/Flash Online, J2ME, BREW and iPhone. Our extended development team provides a wide range of services from the game concept review to the game network operation.

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