Vlingo, the maker of Virtual Assistant voice commands for phones, announced the most popular actions of 2010.  There are Vlingo apps for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Nokia.Text messaging was the Vlingo top function.  Users are using Vlingo for buying movie tickets, finding available hotels or locating the nearest pizza place.  Vlingo is now integrated with 3rd party partners Foursquare, KAYAK, OpenTable and Fandango.Based on data accumulated through hundreds of millions of Vlingo Virtual Assistant actions over the past year, here's what Vlingo users wanted from local businesses:

Top Movie Search on Vlingo

Top Hotel Destinations

Vlingousers interact with Vlingo on average 45 times/month, and usage is only increasing with the growing awareness and functionality of Vlingo's Virtual Assistant capability.  Users can either speak or type commands to access all that the Vlingo Virtual Assistant offers:


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