I am so annoyed by how many crapy phones and services providers there around the world.  You either get great service and great coverage or you get great phones and horrible service and horrible coverage.

Phones get worse and worse in quality.  Rechargaable batteries seem to have a lifespan of 8 months or less.

I am sick of AT&T and I was sick of them back in 1999.  Apple forced me to relive that experience!  WTF?  How could Apple be so stupid?  Who make that decision?  Who was in that board meeting and why was that horrible decision made?  How much did AT&T pay for exclusive rights to the iPHone?

Now I am pissed off at Google for releasing the Droid to early.  What a piece of junk.  It is a beautiful prototype but it should have never been released.  It feels and looks like crap.  The screen looks greate but the rest of the phone is garbage in my opinion.  They clearly rushed to get this phone on the streets and should have waited or given it to us for $50.00

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